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A work injury can throw your life into uncertainty. Depending on the circumstances, you may need short- or long-term medical care that adds to the financial burden of being unable to work. For some workers, the injury may be so severe that returning to the same job is not possible. For others, work injuries can result in a permanent disability that destroys earning capacity entirely. When these types of situations arise, you will need answers to ensure your health and financial wellbeing are protected. 

At Williams Attorneys, we have focused a substantial portion of our practice on workplace injuries. Our award-winning legal team has handled hundreds of cases involving work injuries of all types. When you turn to us, you count on receiving caring and thorough representation from start to finish as we guide you through the legal process. Our representation is based on a close personal attorney-client connection, and we aggressively pursue your best interests.

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Unlike other states, the purchase of workers’ compensation insurance is not mandatory for all private employers in Texas. These employers may choose to forego this type of insurance. This can result in the need for an injured worker to bring a personal injury claim against their employer to seek the compensation they need when injured and unable to perform their work duties. 

In addition to an employer being held liable in workplace injury cases, third parties may also be held liable when their negligence has caused or contributed to workplace injuries. An example of this is faulty machinery provided for employee use at a construction site. The machinery defect is the responsibility of the manufacturer, who can be sued for damages incurred by a worker injured because of the failings of the defective equipment.

At Williams Attorneys, our Corpus Christi workplace injury attorneys handle all types of work injury cases, such as those involving:

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We Can Answer Your Questions About Filing a Work Injury Claim

In the wake of any workplace injury, you must inform your employer within 30 days of its occurrence and follow the workers’ compensation procedure (if your employer has a workers’ compensation policy). Workers’ compensation generally pays for injury-related medical care and a percentage of your wages while you are unable to work. It also provides death benefits to families who have lost a loved one in a workplace accident. 

However, if your employer does not carry workers’ comp or a third party caused your injuries, you will need to file a personal injury claim. Our firm is adept at holding employers accountable, as well as any other party responsible for your injuries, such as service providers, equipment manufacturers, installers, safety contractors, and more. 

In any workplace injury, multiple parties are often at fault, and this is where your case goes beyond employer-based workers’ compensation limits and allows for much higher recovery from these independent companies.

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