Serious injury lawyers with 30+ years' experience, Williams Attorneys is one of America's elite personal injury law firms.

We focus on oil exploration and production injuries as well as helping victims of defective products, negligent drivers, and other causes where a person is injured physically and financially, receive optimal medical care and full financial compensation.

The Williams Attorneys legal and investigative team, led by SuperLawyer® (a Thomson Reuters service) Justin Williams, awarded America’s Top 100 Attorneys designation (by America’s Top 100 llc) in 2018, has successfully represented victims and their families in difficult cases in Texas and in federal and state courts nationwide.

Our work has shaped personal injury and wrongful death laws, forced corporations to design safer products, and caused oil companies to focus increasingly on safety for their employees - while securing money compensation for our clients and their families.

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Oil Rig Injury? Plant Explosion?

You May be Entitled to a Substantial Money Recovery Beyond Simple Worker’s Compensation

We Can Help. Our Experienced Oilfield Injury  Lawyers Sue Oil and Petrochemical Companies.

The Williams Attorneys legal team knows the physical, financial, emotional, and family devastation victims endure when seriously injured by others.

Oil and gas production - exploration is among America's highest risk occupations for workers who face on-the-job hazards every day. People get hurt and too often, the injury could have been avoided.

Our oil and gas lawyers focus on representing oil industry workers injured on the job and have extraordinary experience in every area of oil and gas injuries - in Texas and oil states across the U.S.

Williams Attorneys, investigators, and experts team with our clients and their families to find justice and complete compensation for their physical injuries, income lost, pain and stress, and strained relationships.

The key to our success in these cases is identifying ALL responsible parties rather than simply focusing on a single employer. We look at:

  • Service providers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Gear providers
  • Installers
  • Safety contractors

and EVERY company involved in setting up and operating an oil exploration or production site.

Often, there are multiple parties at fault and this is where your case goes beyond employer-based workers compensation limits and allows for much higher recovery from these independent companies.

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We Also Handle Auto and Trucking Accidents, Defective Product Lawsuits & Other Injury Cases

The Williams Attorneys team has mastered one of the most complex areas of law, oil industry injuries, and thus is especially suited to representing other injury victims and their families.

Our lawyers represent:

  • Seriously injured car and truck accident victims
  • People hurt or killed by defective or inherently dangerous products
  • Victims of flawed pharmaceutical products and medical devices

We have held accountable many of the largest insurance companies and their policyholders in serious injury cases in Texas and - working with our local counsel - states across America.

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Act Quickly to Preserve Your Right to Financial Compensation and Optimal Medical Care

As a seriously injured victim where another person or company is at fault you have to move quickly to preserve your rights.

Here's why:

Strict time limits for claims - In every injury case you must make your claim within a time period set by law or you will lose your rights. These time limits, called statutes of limitations, are front of mind for insurance companies hoping to stall you past the statute so they can settle your case for pennies on the dollar. Is the insurance claims agent acting like your family's best friend? Don't believe it. They are paid to stall and settle cheap.

Insurance and company "investigators" are already at work -  When serious injuries happen, responsible parties and their insurers are at work within a day locking down (and spinning) witness statements and gathering (and sometimes destroying) evidence. While you're trying to recover you need someone looking out for your interests - right away. Our legal team, including investigators and experts as well as our lawyers, works fast and tirelessly to find and preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and protect your rights.

Justin Williams and his team have won some of the biggest and most difficult cases in Texas - the insurance companies know our reputation for getting full compensation and optimal medical care for our clients. Our reputation works heavily to your advantage in negotiations.

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We Also Sue Oil & Gas Companies for Royalty Underpayment, Misconduct, and Negligence

In addition to suing oil and gas companies for injuries, Williams Trial lawyers are among an elite handful of trial attorneys who represent landowners filing lawsuits for maximum compensation when companies:

  • Miscalculate or wrongfully deny royalty payments;
  • Wrongfully scheme in accounting practices;
  • Improperly drill and destroy property value;
  • Otherwise act in violation of their duties to landowners.

Oil & Gas firms save billions each year with royalty schemes and by drilling in complete disregard of the land, the mineral rights, and a landowner's rights. Our law firm's reputation for taking on America's largest and more powerful companies and holding them accountable - nationwide, is a powerful asset for our clients pursuing their rightful compensation.

If You Are A Victim Of An Oil Company’s Royalty Avoidance Scheme Or If Your Property Or Rights Were Damaged By Their Negligence Or Intentional Act, We Can Help.