Oil & Gas Underpayment Lawsuits and Land Damage Claims

Have you suffered property damage or financial loss due to the actions of an oil or gas company?

You have the right to full compensation.

Oil and gas companies are more than eager to join forces with landowners and reap the benefits of these important resources. However, unscrupulous companies can quickly turn big dreams into time-consuming, financial nightmares. Though oil and gas companies have a legal duty to protect every landowner’s interests, many are more focused on their own interests. Intentional acts to skim money off the top of lease agreements and mistakes caused by oil and gas company negligence can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial losses and property damage for landowners.

This guide provides an overview of your legal rights as a landowner participating in oil and gas development, legal responsibilities of oil and gas companies to you - the landowner, steps to filing an oil and gas landowner injury claim, and how to maximize your compensation.

What's in the E-Book? 

  • Oil & gas leases overview
  • Landowner rights
  • Common Courtesy Act
  • Bad faith pooling claims
  • Mineral owner disputes
  • Types of compensation
  • How to Collect Compensation

Reporting your concerns to insurance representatives or others before speaking with an attorney can seriously jeopardize your chances for full compensation or land remediation.

An experienced oil and gas litigation attorney will have access to the nation’s leading engineers, environmental analysts and landmen, who will help conduct title and division order research, determine levels of property damage and fair estimates on costs of property remediation and calculate financial compensation for property owners.

An Oil and Gas Landowners Quick and Easy Reference to Underpayment Lawsuits & Land Damage Claims

  1. Recognize your rights
  2. Familiarize yourself with the oil and gas landowner claims process
  3. Understand your options under the law

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  • $19.9 Million

    Schulz: Verdict in favor of doctor fired by HMO for standing up for patients' rights.

  • $9.2 Million

    Largest oil field verdict in North Dakota history: Pipe fall case with a traumatic brain injury.

  • $7 Million

    Plaintiff was employed by defendant general contractor and injured by actions of subcontractor that resulted in flash fire – explosion burn injuries. 1st and 2nd degree burns. After attorney’s fees and expenses client received $4,574,502.

  • $4.7 Million

    Oil field pipe defectively stored rolled onto our client's leg, causing permanent injury.

  • $3.5 Million

    Plaintiff had 2nd and 3rd degree burns, PTSD, and diminished capacity from an oil field explosion and fire. After expenses, medical liens, and attorney’s fees client received $1,760,883.

An Oil & Gas Landowner’s Quick & Easy Reference to Underpayment Lawsuits & Land Damage Claims

  1. Recognize your rights.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the oil and gas landowner claims process.
  3. Understand your options under the law.

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