Coronavirus Insurance Litigation

The insurance industry is currently providing information that most policies do not cover business interruption as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Williams Trial’s Justin Williams explains that is not necessarily true and offers an overview of available legal options.


Business groups, the insurance industry, are providing information that most policies do not cover business interruption or business slowdowns or business shutdowns as a result of the Coronavirus and the governmental actions. Simply put, in a lot of cases if not a majority of cases, that's not true. If there's not a specific policy exclusion, then your insurance policy will cover you for the losses that resulted from these shutdowns or slowdowns.

If you've had a denial of coverage, you need your insurance company to step up to the plate, you need a law firm that will work for you, that will sue the insurance company for bad faith, for wrongful denial of claim.

My law firm and our lawyers and staff, we've gone through the Coronavirus shutdown just like you have. We understand the difficulties of working at home. We understand the need for assistance. And we understand your problems that you are encountering and the damages you've suffered by not being able to keep your business working, your doors open, and keeping your cash flow going.

You've paid for your insurance. You've paid for coverage. And unless there was a specific policy exclusion, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of this. You won't know unless you give us a call. So, call us and let us evaluate your claim and tell you whether or not you have a claim for business interruption or for damages as a result of the Coronavirus.