Suing Nursing Homes and Hospitals Over Bedsores

Have You or a Loved One Endured Bedsores Due to Nursing Home or Hospital Negligence?

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured or lost their life due to another’s negligent actions?

Tragic, life-altering injuries and deaths occur all too often because a careless individual or company fails to act in a safe, responsible manner.

While no amount of money can compensate for your injuries or the loss of a loved one, securing financial compensation can help alleviate concerns over your future finances, allowing you to grieve and heal. Holding the responsible party accountable for their actions can also help ensure such tragedy does not befall another family.

But collecting the maximum compensation for a catastrophic injury or wrongful death is not always easy. Without an experienced, aggressive serious injury attorney or wrongful death lawyer to support your claim, it can be difficult to win against high power corporate defense teams and other legal powers who will try to:

  • Argue that you caused your own injury
  • Assert that your injury was not a direct result of negligence
  • Claim that you assumed a risk of injury
  • State that you waited too long to file a claim
  • Try to hide evidence needed to prove your case

Our Corpus Christi, Texas-based Williams Attorneys PLLC catastrophic injury lawyers know how to beat these defenses and successfully argue your claim in court, collecting the maximum available compensation amount for your injuries.