Types of Cases

Have you or a loved one taken Amiodarone and had bad side effects?

If you are an Amiodarone victim you may be entitled to compensation.
This dangerous drug, which is used to treat irregular heartbeats, causes a range of extreme side effects. Almost 20% of Amiodarone users will develop scarred lung tissue from using this drug, and 10% of those will die.
Among the companies that manufacture or distribute the drug are:
Sandoz Inc. Teva...

Were You Hit by a Car or Injured While Walking or Jogging?

Tragically, pedestrian accidents are becoming more and more frequent. Reports estimate that nearly 6,000 pedestrians are killed by automobiles each year. Around 16% of all motor vehicle deaths involve pedestrians. U.S. pedestrian fatalities have risen 27% in the past 10 years.
Data ranks Texas among the top 15 states for U.S. pedestrian deaths, with an estimated 263 deaths in the first six...

Have You Been Injured in a Chemical Plant Fire or Refinery Accident?

Chemical plants and oil refineries are among the most dangerous job sites in the nation. Slack safety policies, outdated equipment, and meager training programs result in thousands of worker injuries and deaths every year.
Explosions, chemical fume leaks and fires are tragically common. Even more disturbing, they are often preventable.
Victims of catastrophic plant fires and oil...

Have You Been Injured by A Defective or Dangerous Product?

As U.S. consumers, we trust that the food, medications, medical devices, toys, tools, vehicles and other products we purchase are safe to use. Product manufacturers, suppliers and retailers have a legal duty to produce, market and distribute products that are safe for consumers.
Yet many companies continue to take shortcuts on safety to boost profits, causing thousands of serious, often...

Natural Gas Explosions

Were you injured in a home explosion from a natural gas or propane leak?

Every day, 64 million households rely on natural gas for heat. We use gas to take showers, cook our food and dry our clothes. Yet few people realize the dangers of this everyday substance.
An undetected gas leak can cause a devastating explosion when you least expect it, causing serous property damage, injuries and even death. Those who are lucky enough to survive a home explosion can...

Nursing Homes

Is Your Family Member Being Abuse or Neglected at Their Texas Nursing Home?

Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help You If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you know how difficult it is to decide to move them there. You want them to have the very best care, and you hope that their nurses, doctors, and staff are providing it.
Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. According to the National Council on Aging, 1 in 10 seniors has experienced some...

Have You Suffered an Offshore Accident or Maritime Injury?

Every year, offshore oil rig and gas platform workers, shrimpers, commercial fishermen, cruise ship seamen, tankermen, divers, barge workers, offshore utility workers, deckhands and other maritime workers are seriously or fatally injured in maritime accidents.
Injuries from jack-up rig accidents, vessel collisions, explosions, falls and equipment failures often require long-term medical...

Has an Oil and Gas Company Damaged Your Property or Underpaid Oil and Gas Royalties?

Oil and gas companies are wealthy, influential organizations that aren’t above cutting corners to increase profits. Many large drilling operators attempt to boost earnings by avoiding fair royalty payments, tacking on undue fees and improper deductions.
Fracking negligence and intentional disregard for environmental regulations can also lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in...

Have You Been Injured in an Oil Field Accident?

As the most dangerous industry in America, oil and gas exploration and production company workers face hazards on the job every hour of every work day. Fatal oil field accident rates are six times higher than the fatality rates of all other U.S. job types combined.
Oil field accidents can be traumatizing experiences and seeking financial compensation for your injuries only adds to the...

Oilfield Trucking Accidents

Have You Been Injured in an Oilfield Trucking Accident?

Oilfield vehicle drivers hold one of the most important jobs in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, oil tanker operation and oilfield truck driving are among the most dangerous occupations in the industry, making up more than 18% of all oil and gas worker fatalities.
Many times, oilfield vehicle and tanker accidents aren’t the driver’s fault. Negligent oil companies and...